Monday, June 13, 2011

Momma's Always Right!

Obviously I haven't 'blogged' or attempted to 'blog' in a long time. Life has a way of getting in the way. We have recently moved, traveled home for a short stay, cleaned/repaired and rented our old home... and all along the way our little man has taken off in big strides.  I sit back in amazement sometimes at the fact that I made this little awesome machine... he goes goes goes. It's as if you can sit back and just watch the wheels moving in there, working it out in his head. It is amazing. 

I know I am one opinionated gal, but I know that I have definitively learned some lessons these past 10 months. One lesson being that your momma is usually always right.... except for those few occasions, but usually those just stick out in your head because for ONCE your mom was not completely correct. 

Looking at my life now, and how much it has changed since my little man has been born. I realize how my mom was right. She explained to me that you should wait to have children, so that you can live your life, get to know your spouse... etc. Chase has changed our lives... in so many ways for the better, and so many ways are just different. For example, attempting furniture shopping with a wound up 10 month old, who is tired of setting in his car seat and all he wants to do is crawl all over this store... and all over their nice new show case furniture (mind you after just downing a bottle)... boy how much different that is... compared to the other times when it was just me and the hubs checking out each individual piece of furniture. Watching other people in the store with their children, and thinking man I would NEVER let my child crawl all over the floor (eeeww that's gross) and definitely not on the furniture.

HAHA!! Boy how life changes... now I am that mom who says if crawling keeps you from screaming and I can look just one more second at this dining room table... then get to crawling boy!! Take off! Life's changes are incredible.... wonderful... and oh boy the lessons you learn. If only I had listened to my momma... I would have been slightly more prepared. Cause you know... momma's always right!

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