Monday, July 22, 2013

Another awesome toddler product

The other morning while cleaning my son's bed since he literally soaked through diaper, sheets, mattress cover, and down to the mattress with urine... I began to think man how much I love those bed pads... you know those Huggies Goodnites Disposable Bed Pads.    These things are life savers... if you have a potty training toddler or frequent bed soaker. Then these are a must!!  If only I would have had the pad in the right spot then I wouldn't have had to clean all of that so early in the morning.

They may have been invented for older children that have bed wetting incidents. We have definitely gotten our money out of the ones that we have bought.  For example not only are they good for bed wetting or accidents with my potty training toddler, but they are also helpful when we have a stomach bug.  During these last eight months (I remember because of course I was pregnant... and I catch everything!) he has had a stomach bug twice, and these things keep the vomit from soaking through to the mattress pad. Now granted during those specific times of crisis, we lay out at least two pads to cover the vomit radius.  But I would rather pay for these, then to have to clean sheets, mattress cover, mattress all at one am in the morning during the severe sickness of a stomach bug... you know the kind... where your child is vomiting every 30 minutes for at least two hours. UGH!!! This saved this prego momma some time and I at least had some rest in between. 

If you haven't seen them or used them check them out... they are a must with any children in the house. Even if you keep them on stock for those stomach bug or flu sicknesses that make their way around the family. 

On another random note... since I usually utilize these in the urine prone areas of my toddlers bed... but this fateful time I didn't have it in the correct position. Then I had to figure out how to get urine out of a mattress. His mattress is also a pillow top mattress, so there is no cleaning it and flipping the mattress if it didn't help get the urine smell out. So online I go to research at 8 AM...  This tip I found actually worked. There was no urine smell or vinegar smell (even with my pregnant lady nose), so ladies... store this away if you ever need it again.

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