Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mommy Bedtime Blues

Well... I'm back again. :-)  This time for realz. I have recently "quit" my job as a nurse, and am now staying at home full time. So my days are full of cleaning, laundry, cooking... and looking at the walls. A girl can only do that for so long right?? My little dude is almost three (planning the big three year old birthday party as we speak... or I type and you read), and is still a handful. We are currently regressing in our night time routine... which of course is awesome considering his baby sister will be here any day. 33 weeks and counting... cannot wait to meet this little bugger. We are hoping to nip these night time fits in the bud, but this child is good at stalling the bed time. Who makes them so smart? How is this possible that this little mini me doesn't understand I mean business when I say get your rear in bed dude!!!?

I have read many parenting books as well as mommy blogs about children stalling... and the ways to "cure" it. But this is not easy guys! They are smart! Our son has NEVER slept with us, and that will never change. He has had the same bed time routine for his whole life.... bath, PJ's, two books, and bed. Used to never be an issue.... but not now. So tonight we try something new. As I lay awake last night debating on how am I going to fix this prior to baby sister's arrival... I began my internet search. Ahhh haaa... it says start this bed time routine or calming down period at least an hour prior to bed time. Alright... now that is not always feasible. But I must say it is worth a try. So tonight we will try the calm down method prior to bath and see if this will regress this "stalling" at bed time. Wish me luck guys!! Then if we "cure" this I am sure we will be on to something else bigger and badder. :-)

My little man... growing up fast, and wants to play T-Ball already.

Time sure does fly by... before we know it he will be in kindergarten and his baby sister will be here and growing faster than her momma wants her to. Until then now that I'm a full time mommy and wife, I am going to make the most of this time. In the meantime maybe I can grow myself as well as helping my family grow. Time for some new adventures!

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