Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rug Rat Wednesday

Introducing Rug Rat Wednesday 

  As a now stay at home mom I am in new uncharted territory... filling my toddler's days with fun... cheap fun activities that won't break the bank.  I have found many awesome activities in my Pinterest raids and online checks.  I am going to take Rug Rat Wednesday's to share these with  you. I am even going to let my little man rate them on a scale to let you know how much/how long/how awesome the project/activity is.  

This Wednesday I am going to share with you a cheap activity that I found, that my toddler will ask for by name... or rather this "Mommy I want to play in the cream." Cream I say... oh the shaving cream??  Now this is a tad messy but cheap... and he loves it!

As you can tell he love the shaving cream activity. 

Supplies Needed:
Shaving Cream (we use the cheap Barbasol kind, not the gel kind)
Food coloring
I bought a cheap throw away tin cooking pan to use that way I can just throw it away when he's done. You could probably use a bowl or something else if you would like to clean and re-use. 
Toys to hide in the cream 

This is a sensory play activity. He loves to dig for the toys that I have hidden in the cream, plus mixing the colors together to make it look really disgusting. 

Rug Rat Fun Rating
1 (being horrible eck) to 10 (being awesome... let's play again)


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