Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some of the best baby/mom products ever

In my efforts to clean my entire house all in one day at 33 weeks pregnant, I almost neglected my blog for the day. I know that if I miss one... I will miss more, so I mustn't start this early.  So onward we go...

For all the new mom's out there or newly pregnant women. There are so many different products and things people say you just have to have. Reviewing what I had for my first one versus what I have now, I am hoping that I have some knowledge on the matter... since I've been there done that. There are so many new products out there even in the last three years... it really amazes me. Some of them make me wish I would have had them the first time around. Yet at the same time, I wasted so much money with my first son buying things that he either did not like or it did not help (even though it may have sounded good at the time). For example: our son got his first two bottom teeth at three months old. We thought he was cranky and fussy because he had colic, so many studies and trips to the doctor later.... surprise he was just teething.  I bought products and things to help teething, but he would rather chew on a wet rag.  I am hoping that with this little girl maybe she will get some use out of all those gadgets I purchased.

Below are some things that make my pregnancy life easier, and some things that help either with my toddler or I already swear by for newborns. Life really is easier when you have some of these things, and let's face it the more help you get and the more rest you get... the better things are all the way around... for everyone.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body PIllow ~ This pillow has been a life saver with both of my pregnancies. Even though it is like another body in the bed, this pillow helps me get the most sleep. We all need sleep before babies arrive am I right? It has over 1,000 reviews on alone, and is priced around $45.  If your planning on becoming pregnant or are already, I seriously suggest purchasing this lovely pillow. Trust me if you haven't had kids.... get the rest while you can!!!

Fisher Price Rock 'N Play Sleeper  ~ Now granted I have not actually tried this product yet, but I have had many friends and people that I have met that have used this and swear by it. So I have mine purchased and already ready to go for little miss when she get's here.  My son had bad acid reflux, he was on medication for the whole first year. Nothing and I mean nothing we tried besides medication helped my poor little fella. This probably would have been a life saver had they made this three years ago. My friends son also had bad acid reflux, plus he was about a month premature.  They tried various things, she even tried formula to see if it would help his gassy/fussy/colicky symptoms. Nothing really helped, besides when the doctors put him on acid reflux medication, but once she started using this rock and play sleeper, she started getting more and more sleep at night. I'm sure the incline on this helps babies with acid reflux, as well as when they move it causes it to rock to help them get back to sleep. I am hoping this will be a wonder miracle cure for the no sleep we are expecting this time around.

Sleep Sheep  ~ We have used this with our son, and still use it every night and he is almost three. He loves his "sheepy." Basically it is a sound machine, but I love the fact that you can chose how long it stays on. We usually play it for the first 45 minutes of nap and bed time. He is used to having it, but can go to sleep without it. So in the middle of the night I do not have to go to his room and turn it on, but it helps him in knowing this is bedtime. We also have on for little miss when she get's here as well. I have recommended this product to my friends as well, and their babies/toddlers seem to like it as well. Who likes a completely quiet room when you are trying to go to sleep??

Miracle Swaddling Blanket  ~ I SWEAR by this blanket. Now granted some children do not "like" to be swaddled. This was the only way my son would sleep. The fact that he was Houdini and could get out of any swaddle blanket no matter how tightly (safely) wrapped he was, just prompted momma to find the best swaddle blanket out on the market. This miracle blanket looks almost like a straight jacket, and in fact it is in some factors. When we started using this blanket, he couldn't get out and couldn't scratch himself... and so we finally got some well needed rest.  I think it is well worth the cost of almost 35 dollars. I was never able to find it at a regular store like Target or Walmart, but they have them online and I was able to find a really cute one for about $15 at one particular Rhea Lana's sale that I went to. So we are well stocked for this next baby... this time this momma is prepared to work out all the kinks so that we can get some sleep around here. I mean who has time to be tired when they have a three year old to entertain and take care of all day??

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