Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Exploring Nature - Tuesday's Toddler Tales

Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday's Toddler Tales

Today's Toddler Tales topic is Exploring Nature. I am limited to the amount of exploring nature for CWB due to the fact that I am well into 38 weeks of pregnancy. My dream would be to take him on a nature walk to a creek somewhere in beautiful Northwest Arkansas. But alas, I don't want to go into labor on a hiking trail somewhere in the middle of nature with my three year old and no one else. 

So next best thing... exploring the nature available in our own backyard.  I have found multiple nature scavenger hunt lists and documents online that you can print off to explore nature.  I made a more three year old friendly version. You can print it here.  Unfortunately our printer is on the fritz... so I had to improvise by showing him what to find on my phone.  Which worked out well because I could zoom in on the document... and show him the words and such. 

My child loves rocks... I'm not sure if that's a boy thing. Or just a CWB thing... but he loves them. :)

Once we started working on the scavenger hunt... he got the idea and really started having fun with it. 

Needless to say I will have to make a longer list next time.  He then wanted to wash everything in water. :)
We then went over everything and what it's name was. 

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