Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Big Boy Turns 3!!!

Today is going to be a day filled with fun and sadness... it just seems like I gave birth him not to long ago. Now he is my backseat driver, my best friend, my helper, my everything.... all wrapped up in one nutshell... My CWB!

Born 8/17/2010 at 7:40 PM
8 pounds 10 ounces
18.5 inches long

5 months

9 months

13 months

3 years old

I cannot believe how fast he has grown.  It is true... what they say... that you don't know love until you have a child of your own.  That's a love that will never fade or change... no matter what. 

The Giving Tree

That's what parent do right?? Or are supposed to do?? Especially mommy's... love your child more than you love yourself. No matter how many people try to explain this to you before you have children, you will not understand this until you yourself have a child.

Happy 3rd Birthday Chase!!