Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rug Rat Wednesday #3 - No Mess Painting

I recently stumbled across this awesome idea via Pinterest. If you are not following me on Pinterest go check out my boards. I have found a lot of neat options to keep the kiddo's busy.  This activity is awesome because it's not messy and it takes little time to set it up. Which hello... who doesn't just love??? 

Plus on this particular day we had two of my CWB's cousin's here for visit and they are ages 6 and 5, and both were intrigued by this activity as well as my little two year old. So score for me!!

Check out the pin here to see the instructions. Basically you just put different colors of paint in a ziploc bag and tape it to the table with a piece of paper behind it. Mess free and you can do multiple colors and it shows them how mixing certain colors makes other colors. Another plus for this activity. 

Now granted it wasn't long before they were done with the painting... but I am sure I could have had more bags made and they would have done more.  Plus afterwards we hung them up on the window and the light showed through them... which is also cool and a great way to show off their artwork. 

Rug Rat Fun Rating
1 (being horrible eck) to 10 (being awesome... let's play again)


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