Monday, August 5, 2013

Rug Rat Wednesday - Toddler Boredom Jar

Rug Rat Wednesday

You have heard the phrase... "Mom, I'm bored." Or with my almost three year old it's "What are we doing next?" Like HELLO... why aren't you entertaining me constantly mom? He unfortunately has become accustomed to someone playing with him... and he hasn't quite learned how to just play by himself. Of course I am sure that comes with the only child territory. 

Well there's a wake up call coming... for him, me and his dad.  Boy is it going to be fun when baby sister is born. So I am trying to have some ideas already ready to go for those days when the whining is unbearable. 

I have seen those cute boredom jars around on Pinterest... so I have created one for my little toddler man.  Let's hope this will help keep his interest when he's just "dying" of boredom. 

Now I have seen boredom jar printable's that are for older children. My printable is more for the age group of 2-3. You can print the printable here.  Some of the slips are dedicated to just my home... For example the one that say's "help mom pick up dog poop." Just ignore that one :) 

Here is the cute jar I made to keep them in. I am pretty excited about it. :)

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