Saturday, August 10, 2013

Schedule's galore!!

My Crazy Scheduled Life

Think I've went overboard??? Me too. :-) But in my defense... I did just go from being a very pregnant working full time mom, to a very pregnant full time stay at home mom with a busy toddler who is used to being entertained by a bunch of older boys to play with.... so I am trying to make sure that I can handle/juggle everything that needs done plus make sure he gets his wiggles out on a daily basis. Also trying to make sure that I don't go crazy in the process since I have never been a stay at home mom... I have always worked since the age of 16. This is an adjustment... for all of us. 

So schedules... they make me feel better. :-)  Curious to see what I've planned? Here's what I've got.... you can follow the links below to print out what I have made, or you can edit the documents as well to fit what you would like.  The food schedule I printed off-line and just wrote in what we were going to eat. I also made copies so that I can plan ahead and will have the list ready when it's time to go shopping. (Hopefully I can get the shopping done minus my toddler... it makes it easier to stay on budget... as I'm sure you know).

 Daily Schedule - This is basically a schedule of our days activities.... it changes daily. I do not follow a strict regimen, but this gives us an idea of what to expect for the day.  This week was the first week at home together and this helped.  You can use this as a basis if you would like, I started with using CWB's nap times and eating times as a basis, and then went from there onto other things.

Weekly Cleaning Calendar - Since moving into our bigger house, and our laundry seeming to multiply since CWB turned older, and now with baby girl on the way, I knew I needed to start cleaning something everyday. Or I would be killing myself all in one day. As I am sure you can tell that we are a little OCD around here... we love a clean house... that's just us... and it works best.... so cleaning something everyday makes me feel on top of all the chaos. Which makes me happy... you know when momma's not happy no one is happy. :-)

Our Monthly Calendar - I print them offline for free and then fill in what we have going on for the month. It's up on the fridge and everyone can look at what's going on. 

There are multiple calendars and printables that you can print off from offline.  I like this menu the best, it's pretty and has space to write for three meals. Since I have to figure out three meals a day for us now, this helps a ton. Thanks to Taylor at Domestic8d blog for the Weekly Menu Printable that's so cute and awesome!  You can of course find the one that's right for you. 

Weekly Schedule is something I have printed offline, but haven't started using yet. It basically breaks down day by day for your week. I am sure when we get more busy around here with two kids, school, and activities that this will definitely come in handy.

That's my schedules in a nutshell... it may be crazy... but our house runs smoothly with these. Which makes for a happy pregnant hormonal mom. :-)

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