Friday, August 2, 2013

The day is upon us...

The day is getting closer and closer... and the closer it get's... the more I cannot believe it!! 

Of course you are wondering what the heck am I talking about??

That's right.... 31 days left until "D" Day or delivery day, well rather estimated delivery day. 

Yesterday she measured 6 lbs and 15 ounces, in the 79 percentile. So let's hope she doesn't stay in there and gain the appropriate 1/2 a pound a week until September or momma's gonna cry. 

Oh the joys of motherhood.... the swelling of your feet and hands. Just the all around not being able to bend over and pick up something without having to grunt and breathe harder.  For some reason this pregnancy I have caught the carpal tunnel bug... which I must say sucks big time. Who ever thought that having numbness in your fingers would be such an issue? Lesson learned! 

Just have to keep telling myself that the days are numbered and they are about to be less than a month away. I think this weekend we will be installing car seats and gathering all of our essential gear downstairs... 

Wish me luck gals! Let's get 'er done!!

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