Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thrifty Thursday's #4 - Ways to Save

There are some things that people don't think of when they go to try and save money.  I know I didn't... especially prior to becoming a full time stay at home mom. The funny thing is... is this is the simplest way to save money.  Like duh?? Why haven't I thought of this and been using these coupons all this time?? Golly gee... I have to laugh at myself sometimes. 

1) Sign up for emails that send you coupons from your favorite restaurants, places, shops, etc. Now granted getting the useless spam emails is annoying at times.... but when you get a coupon code or a meal ticket for free then hello it's all worth it. We love to go out to eat... I mean what mom doesn't get tired of thinking of what to feed her family, and cooking the meal. It gets old day after day... and it's nice to be able to go out to eat and "treat" the family.  For example CWB loves Bob Evans, he talks about it at least once a week, and wants to go eat there. So I signed up for the emails through their website and I get a coupon at least once a week for a BOGO dinner meal or BOGO breakfast meal.  

2) If you like free movies... which who doesn't?? Sign up through Redbox for their e-mails which they will send you coupons for free movies. 

If there is a restaurant or a special place that you like to shop you can usually hit up their web page to get special deals and discounts or notifications if they are having a special sale to their customers.  Go sign up today and save money!!

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