Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thrifty Thursday's

Thrifty Thursday's

  Since becoming a stay at home mom, you have to save any way you can. Who doesn't like to save money anyways right? But now it is a necessity to save money anyway that I can for my brood.  Now I am definitely not a extreme couponer by any means, nor will I ever be close. But I like to think that any little bit of money I save is something... I mean even if it's one penny on something we use.... that's one more penny we didn't spend. Every Thursday I am going to try and tell you ways to save some dough, it may be a small tip that I have found, or it may be something GIGANTIC... either way it will be a way to save. 

First things first if you are not cutting coupons yet... you are missing out!!!  Coupons are like cash in your pocket.  I subscribed for the paper service so that I can get the coupons every Sunday.  If there are some great ones in the paper that I know I want more of, I will then go and purchase more papers so that I can have multiple coupons. There is also a website here at Sunday Coupon Preview that you can go and see what coupons are going to be in the paper. Just in case you aren't subscribed for the paper, before you go out and buy one you can make sure there is something in there that you will use... or make sure there will be coupon inserts in the paper. 

Also the paper has all the sale ads for the week so you can go through those and match with your coupons to see what special deals you can get.  You can also subscribe through stores to receive their sale ads on Sunday via email.  

Follow coupon bloggers or websites, for example:, and  These are just a few that I follow to help me save money. If you haven't already downloaded the bloglovin app on your smart phone, then go do this immediately and start following these guys as well as mumsitmommy of course. 

Another awesome way to save money is by printing your own coupons. If you have access to a printer then go check out  They are constantly adding new coupons that you can print at your home that you use just like regular coupons.  Sometimes they have even more savings on a particular product than the coupons you find in the sunday paper. 

Make sure to keep checking back on Thrifty Thursday's to find more ways to save some money!

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