Monday, September 9, 2013

And baby makes five...

I say five because the dog counts as part of the family. I do love my Daisy May... But  she is more work sometimes than we realize with her diabetes and having to eat at a certain time, shots, and pills she takes.  Our family wouldn't be complete without her though.

Adding that other human to the mix has been quite an experience I must say. Sleepless nights with others to take care of in the morning that rise at daybreak regardless... Makes if difficult for a momma to get rest. You forget the work that's involved with a newborn... Such as cleaning of bottles, pump parts, clothes, things she's peed/pooped on... This all takes up my should be napping hour.

Not to mention the questions that come from a three year old about breast feeding... "What's that mommy?" "That's milk for baby sister???" Knowing that at some point that is going to come out embarrassingly at a store or somewhere where you cannot control the situation.

Here are a few things though that I think every mom should either have on the ready before baby (to make it easier when baby comes) or just to know about....

1) Newborn diapers - Okay like duh... who doesn't have these already?? But... seriously... I had some that were given to me at baby showers but I nowhere had enough for the time that I needed them. So off to the store the hubby goes when baby is two weeks old because she has pooped SO MUCH that we have went through the few packages we had. Let me tell you newborn diapers are not cheap either!! But babies poop or pee all the time... I think she poops after every feeding... so that's at least 10 diapers a day. Was NOT prepared for that.

2)  Poop - if you already have children you may remember what their poop looks like as a newborn, if you haven't you need to research it!! Do it before baby is born!! If you already have children and have forgotten what it looks like then google it... NOW! There is so little time to be researching things when you have a newborn, a toddler, and bottles/laundry to do. So do it before baby comes! Trust me! Of course there is the meconium... but what about the yellow seedy poop that comes with breastfeeding? Or the green poop that comes with formula? Are you prepared to change that first breastfeeding diaper and not freak out by the contents?? Prepared makes for an easier minded momma, and that way you can tell dad that what the contents of that diaper are... are completely normal.

3) With all that poop comes a sore baby bottom... :( enter butt paste... I have never had good luck with Desitin. Which every baby is different. I rotate between butt paste and a triple paste cream.

Whenever we have a horrible diaper rash In our house ( which we had a lot with my now three year old) we use this triple paste. Works like a charm every time!! Have some on hand before baby comes! 

More tips to come when there is more time! :)

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