Monday, September 23, 2013

Pleygo - The Lego Rental One Stop Shop

I get so tired of my three year old not wanting to play with any of his toys... he would much rather play with a cardboard box that contained something that we ordered rather than the billions of toys that we have for him in his play room. (He even has his own designated "play room"). Crazy!!!

Introducing Pleygo! Have you heard of it? 

If not you need to check it out!  Basically Pleygo is a rental for Lego's.  You go on to their site at and pick which plan you would like. They have 3 different plans ranging from $15 to $39 a month depending on how many Lego's your kids will build. Once you have chosen a plan then comes the fun part! You get to pick which sets of Lego's you want to receive.  

We received our first Lego set from Pleygo at the perfect time, with a new baby in the house occupying mom and dad's time away from my three year old, it helps to have something that the whole family can enjoy (minus little RLB of course).  It was fun for CWB to set down and build this Lego set with mom and dad. Plus he enjoys anything that comes in the mail (I mean who doesn't love receiving a package via mail right?). 

We built our first set in a day pretty much and then I let him play with it.  He even had fun tearing down the Lego set so that we could send it back to Pleygo.  Every day he asks me if we are going to play with the "new Lego's". :)

What is awesome about Pleygo is not only do they get to chose from awesome Lego sets, they also let you purchase the gift of Pleygo for someone else. Holiday season is upon us, plus grandparents this is an awesome gift for children. It's the gift that keeps on giving!! Score!  If you are unsure of what to get your kids for the holiday's and they love Lego's then this is what you need!  Plus they have a one month free with sign up going on right now! 

I received the products show/mentioned above as courtesy of Pleygo for this review.  These opinions are entirely my own.

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