Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday's Toddler Tales - Toddler Educational Fun

Tuesday's Toddler Tales

Toddler Educational Fun

Since becoming a stay at home mom and with my first born just turning three... which means Pre-K is just around the corner. I wanted to start reviewing important things with CWB that he will need to know for Kindergarten or to be prepared for Pre-K.  These are some things that I found that are good for them to know.  

I found this list on education.com and thought I would share it...

  •     Writing - Practice writing letters, child's name,
  •      Letter Recognition - Help your child recognize letters
  •     Beginning Sounds - Help your child recognize sounds that each letter makes.
  •     Number Recognition and Counting - Show your child numbers and discuss, and count things       during the day (crackers, trucks, toys, or in our case stairs in our house).
  •     Shapes and colors - Help your child recognize different colors and shapes.
  •     Fine Motor Skills - Let your child practice writing or coloring to strengthen their fine motor         skills, let them play with small objects so they can practice their hand/eye coordination.
  •     Cutting - Get a good pair of child safe scissors and let them practice cutting.
  •     Attention and Following Directions - (HAHA) Read stories, give your child 2 or 3 step               directions, play Simon Says.
  •     Social Skills - Let your child interact with other children during a play group or during a social     group setting. 
We have also started discussing what day it is and what season we are in. Every morning we change our calendar that I made by printing our free printables I found online. We also count various things throughout the day like the stairs every time we go up or down them (there are 17, so he is proficient to that number usually).  I have also made flash cards, and bought cheap flash cards at the dollar store to start reviewing.  Of course this has been my plan but with the new baby occupying a lot of my time, I have been unable to fully dedicate the time I wanted to to start this every day.  It will all come in time though...

Today we went over matching cards.... these are just some cheap matching cards form the Dollar Store.  He enjoys playing with these even though he may not actually know what they say, at least it is something educational he is playing with.

Playing matching cards.

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