Monday, November 4, 2013

My Weekend in Review #9 - Life Lessons

This weekend was a very sad weekend.  We attended a funeral out of state for my husband's step-grandpa.  I didn't know him very well, but from the ceremony he seemed like a very loved husband/dad/grandpa/boss/man.  He lost a battle from prostate cancer that he battled for four years.  Cancer is just a horrible thing... which I am sure that everyone can agree on. Yet people take their life for granted everyday, I know I find myself in a rut sometimes thinking how unlucky I am or how tired I am or how I just want to sit down.  This is the time I should set down and think about how short life is... and how much your mood/viewpoint affects the people around you.

Sadly I seem to have a problem remembering this... I am going to make a point to better myself on this every day.

The funeral also made me think of the missing people in my life... It makes you realize that with life being so short the people that are in your life are so important.  But it also makes you think of the people that should be there for you that choose not to be.  Sad really...  I am sure there are a lot of people in the same boat as me.  But my dad chooses to not be around... he choose to not be in our life years ago... and he sadly probably has no idea he has two beautiful grandchildren.  My dad is the type of dad that wanted me there when it was convenient for him, not because he wanted to be a good dad or cared.

This funeral made me think, not only is my dad missing out on watching his child and his grandchildren grow, his funeral will be void of the most important people in his life (his only child and his grandchildren)... the ones that carry on his legacy as a person the most.

So I re-learned some important facts this weekend... enjoy the things you have... celebrate your family...enjoy your family... and make sure that your life is a great one.. because they are short.

RIP Mr. V.  I am glad that I and my children had the pleasure to know you.

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