Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's Been Awhile...

Well it's been a while... I decided to take some time off of blogging for awhile. The littles and my new job are currently keeping me all but running 24/7.  It's about all I can do to keep my eyes open.  I do hope each and everyone one of you had a wonderful Christmas time and enjoyed some happy moments with your families.  

We enjoyed our first Christmas as a family of five (hairy mutt included).... and it was awesome.  Though we may not have had a ton of gifts under the tree we sure did enjoy getting to watch CWB enjoy the Christmas time and our traditions.  

I seriously cannot believe it's 2014 already... who's with me on that one? Seriously crazy! 

And now that it's a new year... and all that let's set crazy resolutions and fail. I tried starting my New Years resolution early... meaning in December.  I have steadily been researching/reading/looking up ideas on what to cook that is healthier for my family and for me.  So begins the Eating Clean!!! 

Eating Clean... I am sure you have all heard of it.  But I decided it's time to start being able to read the ingredients list on a package of food and know what the heck it means. There are some scary things out there... and I have realized the more good food I eat the better I feel.  Junk food, Dr. Pepper, and alcohol are all but out of my diet now... and it did take me a long time to adjust my body to not "needing" these things on a daily basis.  Very few alcoholic drinks are consumed :)  and I try very hard to not eat out (dinner time is the hardest).  I can admit that even though it is a long daunting task of fixing food every week for all meals, it is helping me.... and I am feeling much better about myself.

So here's to hoping that eating clean and starting work outs will bring a change in me that I can share with you.  Here's also to hoping that you are having a great 2014 already and that things are looking even better on the horizon. 

Happy (late) New Year from mumsitmommy!!! Stay warm my friends!


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