Monday, January 27, 2014

My Weekend In Review # 10 - Can you say B O R I N G?

There hasn't been a whole lot going on around our house lately.  I did start a new job about a month ago and it is quite tiring... I started working at a Long Term Care facility in the next town.  Long Term Care meaning a nursing home... it's not something that I viewed myself as doing as a nurse. Even though I'm not sure why at this moment. I have always enjoyed clinic work and getting to know my patients.  This is a way of getting to know my patients and learning to be a part of their life... which makes me happy.  I did miss getting to talk to patients and to use my medical knowledge.

But I'm straying off topic.... since I started this new job and am having to get up earlier than I used to... I'm not getting as much rest as I need to.  Which makes for not very exciting weekends sadly enough.  Though this weekend we did get to enjoy some time with friends and some board games... which is always fun.

This weekend was much nicer and warmer than it has been around NWA... so that was nice.  Yet the cold weather is going to start back up again soon.... sadly enough.  I don't mind cold.. but negative temperatures makes me not a happy person at 6 AM trying to get to work.

Hope you had a fun weekend... and remember even though it's Monday...