Monday, August 15, 2016

Random Monday Thoughts

Random rainy day monday here at the house.... not only am I trying to potty train my almost three year old but I'm preparing my six year old's schedule for kindergarten.... what fun we are having today.  

So my thoughts to keep me going today are....

Have a great Monday!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016


So normally I am a really private person... about most things anyway.  But as things seem to be... I need some accountability.

SO here goes...

After having my now almost six year old and almost three year old... I have gained over 50 pounds.  Okay honestly... even before kids I had kids I gained WAY too much.... you know the drill... you get married, get happy, settled in a lifestyle with more money, no longer college kids living from what little earnings you make at your "temporary job."  Then you start getting accustomed to eating out, grown up parties (minus the cheap booze, but not minus the booze)... only sadly as we get older things don't seem to happen that quickly.

For example.... now that I'm (OMG) over 30 the weight doesn't just disappear in one week... the scale (UGH) never moves regardless of how good I think I'm doing.  Soooo that being said... I decided it's time for confessional. Though I'm not catholic, it's time to broadcast this shit on line. Maybe... just maybe.... NO FOR REAL THIS TIME. I'm gonna kick this in the bootay... this weight I've been carrying around for what seems like forever.

I can no longer blame pregnancy.  The comments of "Oh you just had a baby" don't work in my case anymore (three years later)... so it's time. Past time...

I have been eating so much better for the past two years, clean eating... for sure not enough though.  SO the buck stops here!!!  From now on everything that I eat is going to be broadcasted on instagram... I'm logging everything into my fitness pal.  And my ass is going to work out consistently.

Because I've got two very good reasons to do this... not just for myself... and all those cute clothes that dang it I want to buy! But two kids that are watching me everyday... watching my choices... whilst I'm not as worried about my son so much... I don't want to teach my little girl bad habits.... we women put up with enough shit in our lifetime... I want to teach her healthy habits, as well as loving her body... regardless of what it looks like.

So basically here's the breakdown:
Starting weight: 223
Goal Weight: 160 (I'm going healthy here not a freaking stick)

Let's do this shit!  Who's with me???  If you are follow me on IG and send me an email... I'll help you as best I can!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Some thoughts

Well really only one thought that I have today after taking an eight hour road trip to Arkansas this past weekend.  WTH is up with restaurants and gas stations not having a diaper changing station?? I know that some people probably don't notice this due to the fact they don't have someone in diapers.

But seriously.... WTH?  I had to changed my little girl in the back of the van in the middle of the parking lot.  This has happened repeatedly and not just with her as a child either.  I had problems with this issue when I had my son.

I have even tried to scout new restaurants and newer looking gas stations.  Sometimes those have not had a diaper changing station.

Once I was so irritated I asked where the changing station was at a brand new Wendy's.  The girl working the front was all... "uuuhhh we don't have one?"  So know what I did? I changed my little baby girl right on one of the booths seats.... that's right in the middle of the "eating dinning area." HA! That will show them. :)

Okay I'm done with that for now.