Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Some thoughts

Well really only one thought that I have today after taking an eight hour road trip to Arkansas this past weekend.  WTH is up with restaurants and gas stations not having a diaper changing station?? I know that some people probably don't notice this due to the fact they don't have someone in diapers.

But seriously.... WTH?  I had to changed my little girl in the back of the van in the middle of the parking lot.  This has happened repeatedly and not just with her as a child either.  I had problems with this issue when I had my son.

I have even tried to scout new restaurants and newer looking gas stations.  Sometimes those have not had a diaper changing station.

Once I was so irritated I asked where the changing station was at a brand new Wendy's.  The girl working the front was all... "uuuhhh we don't have one?"  So know what I did? I changed my little baby girl right on one of the booths seats.... that's right in the middle of the "eating dinning area." HA! That will show them. :)

Okay I'm done with that for now.